Busy 2020

2020 has been a VERY busy year for the kiln so far!


A combination of outside hires of the kiln and very productive Signal ceramics classes has meant that I have been loading and unloading the kiln almost every week since the beginning of January! Lots of pieces to bisque fire …


… and loads of pieces glazed! I love seeing all the vibrant colours as the finished pieces come out of the kiln.


Although this large “frame” (below) cracked the student decided to fire it anyway and experiment with repairing it during the glazing stage. There is always a learning experience to be had!


Lots of small pieces, cups, bowls, planters, soap dishes, boxes and decorative elements.


Mixed in are also the lovely large pieces that ALL the students eventually start to make.


This very large Advent candle holder is a very popular success with everyone who has seen it in person. The surface details that the simple glazing highlights are just perfect.



We have also been experimenting with a simple printing technique to transfer images onto white clay using terracotta slip, with great results.


James Hayes