An exhibition for the seasons

I just HAVE to share some images from the current exhibition of artwork by Michelle Fullam. Not only is the work beautiful and imaginative, it is full of inspiration for my ceramics students with a wide range of techniques, forms and colours. On top of all that, many of the pieces (too many to show them ALL) are perfect for this the Halloween season of Samhain. That is the title of the first piece shown here.


This bust of Samhain and the other busts in the show are “life size” and look down on the viewer from a height. Michelle is also very adept at animal forms, with pigs and sheep, foxes and squirrels, owls and goats.


Along with the sculptures she also is exhibiting a selection of tiles.


This leafy face titled “Summer Solstice” with its hints of summer heat and greenery also makes me think of the changing leaves of autumn.


Perfect for the season are a host of magical and sometimes creepy small critters of the woods water and sky.


One of her many beautiful crow themed pieces


“Imbolc” the beginning of spring.


and “Bealtaine” the beginning of summer.


Her owls are so full of life and beautiful raku textures.


Harking forward to the coming winter solstice and Xmas season is a lively wren, king of the birds.


James Hayes