Ceramics classes Raku

Another raku firing hot on the heels (sorry) of last weeks, this time for the adult ceramic classes. We were lucky in that the rain stopped just as we went to start the kiln.


Pieces glazed and loaded into the kiln. With 15 students across 4 classes we had loads of work spread out for two firings during the day.


Watching for that point when all the pots are glowing and the glaze has started to shine.


Lifting out the hot pots and putting them into the waiting smoker.


After about 15 or 20 minutes we open the smoker to reveal the work.


Dousing the still hot pots in water, which many times transforms a dull glaze and reveals its true colours. We also had a few hilarious moments when the hollow animal figures were spurting and farting away hahaha!


Brightly coloured finished pieces, cool enough now to be handled and given a proper wash. I am always delighted by the variety of results,  how two pots sitting beside each other in the smoker can have completely different surface finishes.


Once the second firing was put on I laid out the finished pieces from the first firing for everyone to admire and photograph. Everyone was delighted and as an added bonus you have finished pieces to take home!


James Hayes