Ceramics restart after summer break

The ceramics classes were off for a month during the summer so that people could take their holidays, etc. During that time I caught up on the glaze firings, and I made sure to bisque fire all the work on the shelves ready for glazing on the students return. They have been busy! So now I have put on a glaze firing …


I love seeing the difference between the before and after photos of the glaze, as it looks so pale when it goes in and looks completely different when it comes out!


I decided to do some new glaze tester pieces, as the old ones were quite small, which makes it difficult to really see what the glaze does. Here they are before the firing …


And here they are after! They all have a “gradation” from right to left, going from one layer of glaze to 3 layers, and on some glazes it makes a BIG difference.


It is difficult to see in this photo (easy in real life) that some of the glazes look the same regardless of one layer or three, and some glazes go from semi-transparent to full colour. The very first tile upper left goes from a very thin brown on the right side to a full on bright green on the left, so testing your glaze colours is always important. The final tile lower right is a glaze that one of the students brought in, a beautiful “Bronze”, shimmery and metallic, that she has used on a sculptural figure with lovely results.


James Hayes