2019 – New year, new pottery

After the Xmas holidays the participants on the adult ceramics workshops have started the new year with new ideas. One popular item is the humble soap dish.


Of course once one was made everyone had a go! So great to see variations on a theme.


People also had a look at making boxes, and all the things that boxes can be made into. Here a participant is making a butter dish.


A little knick-knack box and an open tray.


A tea-light house and a larger butter dish.


Some more soap dishes, this time made by cutting a rough oval, then cutting and folding the edges up.


Participants are also making time to practice on the wheel.


A heavily textured slab vase


and a “Swiss cheese” slab tea light holder!


It’s been a few weeks of work now, so the kiln is full with dried work ready for bisque firing. I’ll unload it on Thursday and then everyone can get stuck in to glazing. If nothing else everyone on this workshop learns a little patience, as any piece started takes at least a month (and more likely 2 or 3) to complete, what with drying time, firing, glazing, and firing again.


Can’t wait to unload the kiln!

James Hayes