Chair-Up Buttercup!

Greetings from Signal Arts Centre! Staff Artist Emma Fitzgerald is here to take you on a blog post journey through her recent garden decor related exertions.

Consider the chair below. Consider the scratches, discoloration and stains which besmirch it’s once smart and functional appearance. This chair has seen better days but all is not lost; with some gloss paint and elbow grease the chair can attain visual glory once again…

besmirched by time

Yellow ducklings, fresh buttercups, a host of golden dandelions… the application of yellow gloss paint to the chair has succeeded in brightening it’s surface and its effect on my mood! When the main plastic bodies of the chairs are dry I will come back and gently sand-paper the legs and then paint the legs with gloss. There is a choice of blue and rose pink to paint the legs with. Please feel welcome to indicate your preference in the comment section below.

buttercup hello!

The chairs pictured below have had the complete make-over already, the colours are bitter chocolate on the plastic seat and spray can white on the legs. The red chair was painted using a spray can. Between using spray paint and gloss from a tin, I found that using a paintbrush and applying paint from a tin gave the best results in terms of time, cost and finished look.


bitter chocolate and passionate crimson

Watch out for the chairs next time you visit us at Signal Arts Centre!

best wishes and thanks for reading,


Pride of Place prep work

Signal Arts Centre has been nominated for the “Pride of Place” award, an all-island competition that acknowledges the work that communities are doing all over the island of Ireland. A group of judges will be visiting Signal in the next week or so, so we are getting various presentations ready to show them our work in the local community groups of Bray, as well as giving the place a good tidy! Today Margaret and Gill were busy rotating the display of the student artwork which showcases the work we do with local groups, children, people with special needs, and adults.


James Hayes