Ceramics part three!

I was asked to come in again for the Wednesday ceramics class, which I was happy to do as today the students begin the glazing of the bisque fired works.


Some of the glazes come ready mixed and some come as a powder. Wonderful to see them going on, and the wet glazes look nothing like how they will turn out fired so it is always with a great pinch of imagination that the final result is pictured in your mind.


Painting delicate hearts over another glaze.


Dripping an oxide glaze over another glaze.


This is how my little coil pieces look bisque fired – no cracking or popping!


and here are the glazes drying in the sun. Can’t wait to see them fired!


Wednesday afternoon the youth group was in again, and I helped demonstrate turning pots on the wheel, something I haven’t done in YEARS but just like getting back on a bike I was able to show them a few things.  It is so good for the mind to make things with your hands, I always feel refreshed afterwards.

Enjoy the sun! James Hayes