Ceramics – classes & new shelves

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being a substitute teacher for a ceramics class. It is a nice group of people who are very enthusiastic about learning new techniques. I showed them how to create coil patterns in a slab pot approach to building. Rather than the traditional coil built pot, you create patterns with coils as a flat rectangle, then keep adding and smearing clay to create one flat slab which can (if desired) then be reformed into a mug or vase shape. We got about halfway through the process, and should be able to have a finished product next week. The classes at Signal are very good value and run by knowledgeable people, so have a look “Classes 2017” link on the website to see what you might be interested in pursuing!


After the class was over I spent the afternoon building half-depth shelves to create more storage space on the existing shelving. It may be difficult to see in the photo, the half shelves look like little benches standing on the shelving, they are very sturdy and there are two more on the units out of view to the right.


There are plenty of other construction and repair projects around the building that I am sure will keep me busy for the foreseeable future, alongside the classes and gallery duties.

Now to get back to work! James Hayes