Exhibition turn over

The exhibitions are taken down late on Sunday, the gallery walls are patched up and painted, and a new exhibition is hung on a Monday morning. On Monday we hung a two person show by artists Ray Cranley and Biddy Scott entitled “The Dargle : So Beautiful”, an absolute pleasure! I was in on Sunday for the take down of Ian Calder’s show, which he was delighted with. He had made a few sales and even had some thank you cards to hand for the buyers. I had not intended to be on the hanging team on Monday, but when I arrived in to do some other gallery work it turned out they were short handed so I pitched in. It ended up being a lovely day. I know Ray, as it seems most people in Bray do, so the day was filled with shared stories and insights into art, music, history and current affairs, all concerning Bray and the Dargle River. It was also a pleasure to meet Biddy, whose small egg tempera paintings are wonderfully detailed! The launch would have been scheduled for Good Friday, but as there were concerns that many people would be away for the holiday weekend, they have planned a closing party for the following Friday, April 21st. All welcome, and I know I’ll be attending as I am sure Ray will be talked into singing a few songs.

Your gallery correspondent – James Hayes