Spring cleaning

Signal Arts Centre is a bustling community of artists, and yet the day to day reality of keeping the building in ship shape cannot be ignored. Work rooms get dirty,  storage space is very limited, and large events such as the recent St Patrick’s Day parade leave chaos in their wake. Today I began at the bottom of the staircase and began dusting, hoovering, recycling and trashing my way upwards until I reached the attic. As I passed Claire’s office I told her (Claire is our office commander in chief) that I am already in this frame of mind after months of similar work at home assisting in clearing my wife’s attic studio space of outdated paperwork and years of disorganized correspondence.

I am taking a brief respite at Aidan’s computer, having gathered all the loose scraps of notes together in the hopes that he can decide which to throw away and which have important information. James Nolan and Aidan Lombard head up the digital end of the Signal organisation, managing the website, social media, posters, and the bulletin, a team which I consider myself to have joined by resurrecting this blog. I know that with my own background in digital media I can also fill in any gaps when they are away.

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